Barking, but brilliant!
- Andy Thornton

Penny Plain ROCKS!!!!! Best 50 minutes of laughing I've had for a while
- Grassington Festival photographer

A big thank you for all your hard work at Belsay Hall last weekend. It was a very hot 2 days but you all worked extremely well and we are really grateful. Our visitors left very happy and enjoyed the event, so many thanks to you all for bringing the event to life.
- Lisa Casey, English Heritage - Assistant Events Manager

A big thank you to Penny Plain for the professional approach they adopted when we commissioned them to write and perform a play for Maryland Charter Day at Kiplin Hall. Direct descendants of the original settlers, including those of George Calvert, builder of Kiplin Hall and Founder of Maryland, were amongst the guests invited to the Charter Day celebrations. Research and script by Penny Plain’s Mark Bamforth and attention to detail by all the cast was excellent, and the audience were spell-bound by the story of their ancestors. Many of our Maryland visitors regarded the visit to Kiplin Hall and the performance by Penny Plain as the highlight of their visit to England.
- Marcia McLuckie, Administrator – Kiplin Hall, near Richmond

Thank you for a very entertaining summer mummers play at Fleetwood. As a painter of folk dancers I particularly liked the morris, sword and maypole dancing! We know you from Grassington where we have watched a number of your performances so sought you out whilst at the festival.
- Barbara King

We enjoyed your troupe’s antics very much and will be attending Grassington Dickensian Festival again due to you
- J Frost

This is the wonderful Penny Plain Theater Company in full flight performing at Parcevall Hall. We had gone to Parcevall Hall just to see the gardens,
- Tintree

I recently attended your company's presentation in Hackfall Woods and was delighted and impressed by the entertainment. Your company has much to commend it.
- Professor Martin E. J. Curzon

Just watched you two days running at the Saltburn Folk Festival; utterly brilliant.
- Martin Fowkes

This was definitely theatre with a difference. It isn't often on a wet and windy August afternoon that you are accosted by individuals from a travelling theatre from 1853. The action both on and off stage has been very cleverly thought out. Good enterainment from a talented group. I look forward to their next venture
- Pam Booth, NODA

I have seen the play Hamlet in the theatre before but never quite like this, performed in a car park in Saltaire village as part of the Saltaire Festival. It was great fun and both the audience and I enjoyed it. There were many young children in the audience and I doubt that they would normally be fans of the original version of Hamlet. However I could easily apply one of my favourite words to The Penny Plain theatre company performance - bonkers, but great fun.
- Paul, Leeds Photo Daily

We were fortunate to be in Ilkley today to witness a stunning thespian display of historical significance. I sat on the grass with the youngsters and laughed my socks off for the best part of an hour and I'm 63. What a delight to behold. A masterful production of sheer delight which captivated the audience young and old. Good luck, God speed and please pass on our congratulations to each and everyone of the cast and crew for a marvelous and hilarious performance.
- Keith and Jean Alred from Bradford

I thought the man next to me was going to have a heart attack, he was laughing so much
- William Jones

I saw Penny Plain's wonderful 'mumming' at the Grassington Dickensian weekend. It was an absolute joy to be transported back in time. I am so happy that Penny Plain are preserving this early form of street theatre. They imbue the original scripts and songs with their own special brand of performance sparkle. A wonderful theatre company who bring the past into the present with a real sense of mischevious magic.
- David Dale MA Contemporary Theatre

I love the Penny Plain style, you all seem to make it look completely improvised yet stylishly entertaining.

Richard Purnell

 You brought a lot of fun and laughter to Malton and the reception you received showed this. I was absolutely delighted and so was the audience. Thank you for giving your time, your energy and professionalism on behalf of the Dickens Malton Festival. We really appreciate it.

Brian Oxberry (Malton Dickens Festival)